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User bonneuil
title The dynamics of walking acquisition: A tutorial
Authors Noël Bonneuil and Blandine Bril
Source Infant Behavior & Development 35 (2012) 380– 392
Year 2012
Type Journal
Type of publication Other

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Abstract Tracking for developmental changes is at the heart of developmental psychology. The qualitative
features of the variation of the center of mass (CoM) acceleration during a sequence
of steps are revealed by first return maps, a tool taken from differential dynamics. The
focus is put on the acceleration of the CoM along the antero-posterior and medio-lateral
axes. Application is shown on data recorded from one infant followed up repeatedly during
the first year of learning to walk. At a given experience in walking, the gait dynamics is
exhaustively characterized by a specific enchainment of pendula and quasi-equilibria. The
developmental process is revealed by the succession of dynamical structures, each determined
at each walking experience. It shows a drift toward increasingly regular gait patterns,
together with a clear asymmetry between an impulse foot and a regulatory foot.
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