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title Fitting to a Distribution of Deaths by Age with Application to Paleodemography
Authors Noël Bonneuil
Source Current Anthropology Volume 46, Supplement, December 2005
Year 2005
Type Journal
Type of publication Other

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Abstract What can we learn from distributions of deaths by age cumulated
over time such as those estimated from skeletons? Among
the many solutions fitting the data (which are not necessarily
stable populations but which satisfy the demographic equations
with time-varying fertility and mortality), the solution with the
minimum variations in the demographic forces provides a useful
reference. This solution is generally not a stable population, and
it can be achieved with a technique borrowed from simulated annealing
optimization. This method, although complex, produces
a more realistic reconstruction of the underlying population than
previous methods. Simulations show that the mean life expectancy
at birth, the mean total fertility rate, and the mean population
size over the deposition period are accurately reconstructed
although the fluctuations of the corresponding time series are
not. Results are presented for case studies of the St. Thomas Anglican
Church and Dallas Freedman’s Cemeteries.
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