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User Weisbuch
title Sustainable development and spatial inhomogeneities
Authors Gérard Weisbuch
Source Journal of Statistical Physics
Type Journal

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Abstract Historical data, theory and computer simulations support a connection
between growth and economic inequality. Our present world with
large regional differences in economic activity is a result
of fast economic growth during the last two centuries.
Because of Limits to growth we might expect a future
world to develop differently with far less growth.
The question that we here address is:
`` Would a world with a sustainable economy be less unequal?''
We then develop integrated spatial economic models based on {\it limited}
resources consumption and technical knowledge accumulation
and study them by the way of computer simulations.
When the only coupling between world regions is diffusion
we do not observe any spatial unequality.
By contrast, highly localized economic activities are
maintained by global market mechanisms. Structures sizes are determined
by transportation costs. Wide distributions of capital and production
are also predicted in this regime.
Created Monday 12 November, 2012 14:25:39

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