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User Bonny_S
title L’agriculture écologiquement intensive : nature et défis
Authors BONNY Sylvie
Source Cahiers Agricultures 20 (6), nov-déc 2011, pp. 451-462
Year 2011
Type Journal
Type of publication Other

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Abstract TITLE: Ecologically intensive agriculture: Nature and challenges
Over the last several years, indeed over several decades, a number of voices have called for a change in agriculture and its model of production because of their limitations and changes in the context. They have put forward several proposals for new directions. These include particularly ecologically intensive agriculture, which is examined here. The objective of this paper is to contribute to analyzing the possible pathways to and socioeconomic challenges facing ecologically intensive agriculture, founded upon the sustainable use of natural processes and ecosystem functions while achieving a good level of yield. Firstly, the notion of ecological intensification by comparison/opposition with conventional forms of agricultural intensification is presented. The positions of the various actors, in relationship to the concept of ecologically intensive agriculture, are then examined. If this movement towards ecological intensification is apparently garnering a rather good consensus, there are in fact many hurdles to the implementation of these practices. Finally, we analyze some opportunities, barriers and facing the development of ecologically intensive agriculture. Such an evolution notably requires a context in agreement with it.

agroecology, innovation, intensification, sustainable agriculture, farming systems, environment, ecologically intensive agriculture, ecological intensification; ecosystemic services, farmer, change, agroecosystem, agro-economy, intensive agriculture.

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