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title A computational technique to scale mathematical models towards complex heterogeneous systems
Authors C. H. McEwan, H. Bersini, D. Klatzmann, V. Thomas-Vaslin, A. Six.
Source COSMOS 2011 Conference Proceeding of the 2011workshop on complex systems modeling and simulation Luniver press. IBSN 978-1-905986-32-3
Year 2011
Type Workshop
Type of publication Other

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Abstract In this paper, we report progress on applying techniques traditionally
used by computer scientists for specifying finite state machines,
to concisely express complex mathematical models. These techniques
complement existing graphical methods in Systems Biology by allowing
a systems approach to be taken at a coarser granularity than biochemical
reactions – where parallel, multi-level interactions within and between
systems must be documented, communicated and simulated.
Link http://books.google.fr/books?hl=en&lr=&id=M6swBFhZNCYC&oi=fnd&pg=PA31&dq=thomas-vaslin+mcewan&ots=ZMBC_WCAy-&sig=4l2yiJBS-uSEDePsG9656OKfnxQ#v=onepage&q=thomas-vaslin%20mcewan&f=false
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