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title Minimal number of generations out of polymorphism in the one-locus two-allele model with unpredictable
Authors Noël Bonneuil and Patrick Saint-Pierre
Source J. Math. Biol. 44, 523–547 (2002)
Year 2002
Type Journal
Type of publication Other

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Abstract Fertilities varying in time in an unpredictable manner raise the question of the
maintenance of polymorphism, and the subsequent question of the minimal total number of
generations spent by the system in impoverished polymorphism. In the one-locus two-allele
model, level surfaces of this minimal time out of a given set K of constraints defining polymorphism
are delineated. The surface of null minimal time is also the largest set of genotype
frequencies from which there exists at least one route remaining in K forever. The influence
of the range of admissible fertilities clarifies the trade-off between homozygotes and
heterozygotes. Notably, ranges of fertility forbidding a system leaving K to ever return to it
are determined. Generally, keeping a chance to regain polymorphism demands a sufficiently
relatively high fertility for matings involving heterozygotes.
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