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User coldriver
title Information, Biological and Evolutionary Computing
Authors Riofrio, Walter
Source ACM Ubiquity Symposium on “Evolutionary computation and the processes of life”
Year 2013
Type Journal

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Abstract Commonly, evolutionary computation is often inspired by biological mechanisms of evolution such as genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies, evolutionary programming, among others. But all of these evolutionary models of computation are developed from within the framework of Darwinian evolution, also known as “vertical evolution.”
For the purpose of this symposium, I would like to highlight that Darwin's ideas are only a part of the story of evolution. In particular, the fact that at present there is a growing body of scientific evidence indicating that biological evolution is not only but massively horizontal –the so called Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT).
The difference is clear, in one case the genetic material is transmitted “vertically” from the parents or ancestors to its offspring. In the other case, the genetic material is "acquired horizontally" from other organisms around them.
The main thrust of this article shall focus on a series of possible foundational and theoretical aspects arisen from a new research area that is potentially interesting to this symposium: The evolutionary consequences of a proposal about the cellular origin of prebiotic evolution.

Created Thursday 02 May, 2013 20:44:47

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