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User Rene Doursat
title The myriads of Alife: Importing complex systems and self-organization into engineering.
Authors Doursat, R.
Source In Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life (IEEE-ALIFE 2011), April 11-15, 2011, Paris, France: pp. xii-xix. IEEE, ISBN 978-1-61284-061-1.
Year 2011
Type Conference
Type of publication ISC-PIF scholar

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Abstract On the one hand, phenomena of spontaneous pattern formation are generally random and repetitive, whereas, on the other hand, complicated heterogeneous architectures are the product of human design. Biological organisms are rather unique examples of natural systems that are both self-organized and architectured. Can we export their precise self-formation capabilities to technological systems? To address this issue, I have proposed a new field of research called "Morphogenetic Engineering", which explores the artificial design and implementation of autonomous systems capable of developing complex, heterogeneous morphologies. Particular emphasis is set on the programmability and controllability of self-organization, properties that are often underappreciated in complex systems science
Link http://coco.binghamton.edu/ieee-alife2011/
Created Monday 23 May, 2011 15:02:57

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