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title Scaling Analysis of Affinity Propagation
Authors Furtlehner, C. , Sebag, M. and Xiangliang, Z.
Source Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, Vol. 81 : p. 066102. 2010
Year 2010
Type Journal
Type of publication ONCE-CS

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Abstract We analyze and exploit some scaling properties of the Affinity Propagation (AP) clustering algorithm proposed by Frey and Dueck (2007). First we observe that a divide and conquer strategy, used on a large data set hierarchically reduces the complexity ${\cal O}(N
2)$ to
${\cal O}(N
{(h+2)/(h+1)})$, for a data-set of size N and a depth h of the hierarchical strategy. For a data-set embedded in a d-dimensional space, we show that this is obtained without notably damaging the precision except in dimension d=2. In fact, for d>2 the relative loss in precision scales like $N
{(2-d)/(h+1)d}$. Finally, under some conditions we observe that there is a value $s
*$ of the penalty coefficient, a free parameter used to fix the number of clusters, which separates a fragmentation phase (for s<s*) from a coalescent one (for s>s*) of the underlying hidden cluster structure. At this precise point holds a self-similarity property which can be exploited by the hierarchical strategy to actually locate its position. From this observation, a strategy based on AP can be defined to find out how many clusters are present in a given dataset.

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