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title EPIS: a grid platform to ease and optimize multi-agent simulators running
Authors E. Blanchart, C. Cambier, C. Canape, B. Gaudou, T.-N. Ho, T.-V. Ho, Christophe Lang, F. Michel, Nicolas Marilleau, and Laurent Philippe
Source PAAMS 2011
Year 2011
Type Conference
Type of publication ISC-PIF scholar

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Abstract This paper presents the work done during the first year of the EPIS project. This project deals with the process of conducting multiple and parallel multi agents-based simulations (MABS) on a cluster or a grid in order to generate suffi- cient data for scientific use (e.g. in the case of a sensibility analysis of a simulation). We provide a new, general and user-friendly approach to marry MABS and High- Performance Computing (HPC). We, thus, propose a workflow and an associated HPC infrastructure. These two permit to easily deploy a lot of simulations on a cluster without any prior parallelizing work. The method wants to be as generic as possible: no particular MABS targeted, no overhead and HPC compliance work has to be done only once. Moreover the user is guided by a web interface that handles the workflow.
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