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User Jean-Louis Giavitto
title Simulation of self-assembly processes using abstract reduction systems
Authors Antoine Spicher and Jean-Louis Giavitto
Year 2008
Type Book chapter
Type of publication Other

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Abstract We present in this chapter the use of MGS, a
declarative and rule-based language dedicated to the
modeling and the simulation of various morphogenetic
and developmental processes, like self-assembly
processes. The MGS approach relies on the
introduction of a topological point of view on
various data structures called topological
collections. This topological approach enables a
uniform handling of theses data structure by a new
kind of rewriting rules called
transformations. Using (local) rewriting rules to
specify self-assembling processes is particularly
adequate because it mimics closely the incremental
building mechanism of the real phenomena. The MGS
approach is illustrated on the fabrication of a
fractal pattern, a Sierpinsky triangle, using two
approaches: by accretive growth and by carving. More
generally, the notions of topological collections
and transformations available in MGS enable the easy
and concise modeling of cellular automata on various
lattice geometries as well as more arbitrary
constructions of multi-dimensional objects
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