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[IEEE VIS 2014] Visual Analytics Science and Technology, Information Visualization, and Scientific Visualization

Marriott Rive-Gauche (Paris, 14ème), 9th to 14th November 2014

IEEE VIS 2014 is the first forum for advances in visualization. The event-packed week brings together researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to explore their shared interests in tools, techniques, and technology. Early Registration period is open until September 5th, 2014.

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[Colloque interdisciplinaire] L’évaluation face aux enjeux globaux - Biologie, techniques et vulnérabilités

ISC-PIF, October 14th 2014

Ce colloque prend acte des limites et dérives contemporaines de l’évaluation (des techniques, des actes, des hommes) – essentiellement quantitative, centrée sur le concept de risque, locale et causaliste, normalisante – et cherchera à poser quelques bases pour un renouveau des pensées évaluatives.

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International workshop on Contagion Dynamics in Socio-economic Systems

ISC-PIF, September 12th 2014

This symposium brings together researchers specialized in the interaction between the dynamics of information dissemination in technological networks (often called “virtual” as the agents do not necessarily know each other personally) and the society in real world. Recent examples, like the Arab Spring or the Spanish riots of May 15th, show clearly how the activities of opinion groups formed in socio-technological networks like Tweeter of others, have direct socio economic consequences in the real world.
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