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Call for proposals 2014

Phase II - Submission deadline has been postponed

As every year, the DIM "Problématiques transversales aux Systèmes Complexes" of the Ile-de-France Region which is coordinated by ISC-PIF launch a call with Post-Doc, PhD grants as well as grant for scientific animation and scientific equipment (cost < 200 000€ HT).
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Workshop Maritime networks in time and space

June 16 - 18 Juin 2014, organized by the ERC Seastems, resident projet at ISC-PIF.

This workshop will gather researchers from various countries and disciplines : geography, archeology, history, economics, political sciences, computer science, physics, ...

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Organized by or at ISC-PIF

1)  Fri 25 Apr., 2014 14:30
[workshop] Atelier Tech Etalab : Développer l’Open Data Contributif
2)  Fri 25 Apr., 2014 14:30
[Workshop] Réservé
3)  Tue 06 May, 2014 14:00
Réunion Valorisation CVT-OpenMole
4)  Mon 12 May, 2014 10:30
[séminaire] stochastic blockmodeling on spatial networks
5)  Wed 14 May, 2014 13:00
6)  Thu 15 May, 2014 14:00
7)  Wed 21 May, 2014
[workshop] Calcul intensif en SHS
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OpenMOLE (Open MOdeL Experiment)

New release : 0.10 "Gogo Gadget"

In partnership with the DREAM and the ERC GeoDivercity projects, the ISC-PIF has developed OpenMOLE, a platform designed for complex systems models explorations. Thanks to its "user-friendly" interface, OpenMOLE provides generic services to simply develop distributed scientific algorithms. The new 0.9 version "Gogo Gadget" is available for downloading.

The new release "Gogo Gadget" 0.10 is available for downloading!

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LinkRbrain "cartographier le cerveau"

Intégration de connaissances multi-échelles sur le cerveau

LinkRbrain est une plateforme collaborative pour comparer, et combiner les connaissances multi-échelles sur le cerveau et la cognition d’une façon simple et unifiée : réseaux fonctionnels, expression génétique, fonctions sensorimotrices et cognitives, etc. Cette plate-forme est mise à disposition pour l’ensemble de la communauté scientifique.

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