Guest instructors


Guillaume Beslon (INSA-Lyon, Université de Lyon, LIRIS, INRIA, IXXI)
Lecture: Introduction to Complex Systems
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Jean-Philippe Cointet (INRA-SenS, ISC-PIF)
Lecture: Mapping Knowledge Communities Dynamics & Tutorial CorText Manager
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> Lecture PDF

Nathalie Corson (LMAH, ISCN)
Lecture: Dynamic Systems
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> Demo1-SD-BasicWolfSheepPredation.nlogo
> Demo2-SDvsIBM-WolfSheepPredation.nlogo
> Demo3-SD-AdvancedWolfSheepPredation.nlogo
> Demo4-SD-SIR.nlogo
> Demo5-HR.nlogo

Stefan Balev, Antoine Dutot, Yoann Pigné (LITIS, ISCN)
Lecture: Dynamic Graphs
> Lecture on Dynamic Graphs and Introduction to GraphStream
> Installation of GraphStream and first tutorials
> Lab session "interaction with NetLogo"
> Lab session "Community Detection in Dynamic Graphs"

Stefan Balev (LITIS), Nathalie Corson (LMAH, ISCN)
Lecture: Synchronisation in complex systems
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Marc Barthélémy (IPHT - CEA, ISC-PIF)
Lecture: Spatial Networks
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Mikhail Kanevski (IGAR, S4)
Lecture: Machine Learning for Saptial Environmental Data
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Pierre Frankhauser (ThéMA, S4)
Lecture: Fractal patterns in human societies & Tutorial Fractalyse
> A multi-scale urban planning concept for a sustainable management of urban sprawl
> Fractal geometry for modelling and measuring urban patterns
> Bati-Besancon-4m1b.tif
> bati-Lille-1000.tif
> bati-Montbéliard.tif
> bati-strasbourg-4mz.tif


NetLogo: Arnaud Banos / Nathalie Corson / Jeremy Fiegel / Clara Schmitt
> CSSS2012-Jeremy_Fiegel.pdf
> NetLogo : Tutorial Movie Maker

Gephi and Tinasoft: David Chavalarias
> Gephi tutorial webpage

OpenMole: Mathieu Leclaire / Romain Reuillon

GraphStream: Stefan Balev / Antoine Dutot / Yoann Pigné

CorTexT: Jean-Philippe Cointet

Detailed Program

Monday 2nd > Friday 6th July (click on the picture to enlarge)

Monday 9th > Friday 13 July (click on the picture to enlarge)

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