Second Annual French Complex Systems Summer School

Lyon and Paris, July 15-August 10, 2008

"The statistical physics of networks"

Marc Barthélémy (CEA, France)

Course Description

In this series of lectures, we will first introduce the main tools in order to characterize large complex networks and we will then review the typical empirical features of real-world networks. After this introduction, we will review the main models for complex networks, including static ones (Erdos-Renyi, Watts-strogatz, etc) and dynamical ones (preferential attachment, copy model, weighted networks).

In a second part, we will present two active areas of network research: First, we will review the main results on epidemic spreading in complex networks both at the level of individuals (contact network) and at a larger scale (metapopulation models). Then, we will see how the empirical measures of the roads network in cities can guide the modeling in the field of transportation research and urban economics.

Course Outline and Slides

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