"Collective Behaviour and Mobility in Complex Systems"

July 9th to 18th, 2013

Application deadline : The application deadline has been postponed to May 17th


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Previous editions of this French Complex System Summer School, organized by ISC-PIF and IXXI, two nodes of the RNSC, took place in Lyon and Paris. In 2013, this summer school is organised by the ISC-N, a coastal city only 2 hours from Paris.

The school will provide in-depth reference courses to a multi-disciplinary audience of researchers and students. The level of lectures will range from introductory to advanced, as attendees are not expected to be familiar with all the fields covered. Lecture topics will address specific complex systems methods and tools and their relevance to various disciplines (physics, biology, computer science, geography, sociology, linguistic, etc.). An emphasis will be given to collective behaviour and mobility in complex systems.


50% Courses / 50% Group Projects

Group projects

During the school participants will have to conduct a group project to which about 50% of their time will be dedicated. Small size groups will be constituted on the basis of personal motivations. Groups will have to present their project collectively at the end of school.
According to group preferences projects will be oriented towards some particular aspects of collective behaviour and mobility.


Specific tutorials (NetLogo, GraphStream, …) will be given, so that attendees could quickly converge towards the required knowledge on these shared platforms. Each work group will be followed daily by a dedicated instructor, to make sure methodological and technical gaps are filled in. Therefore, no specific knowledge is required to attend this school.

Due to the importance of group projects, the number of participants is limited to 25.

This new series of international Complex Systems Summer School (2013) is organized by the Normandie (ISCN) in coordination with the overarching Complex Systems Institute Paris Île-de-France (ISC-PIF), the National Network of Complex Systems (RNSC) and the Complex Systems Institutes of Rhône-Alpes (IXXI). This action is also supported by the Région Île-de-France.

The summer school will take place in Le Havre, at the "Université du Havre" : 25 rue Philippe Lebon, BP 1123 76063, LE HAVRE, France

Applying to the Summer School

The application tuition rate is €450 for the whole school. Tuition rate includes:
  • attendance to all courses
  • housing in Le Havre at the Internat d'Excellence
  • breakfast, lunches and coffee breaks
  • bikes during school days

IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: Note that dinners and travel expenses are not included. Once you receive confirmation of your participation, we recommend that you make your own travel arrangements as quickly as possible. We also recommend you to anticipate the necessary time for administrative procedures (visas demands). Please contact the French embassy in your country for more information.

To apply to the summer school, please
  1. prepare a short CV and a 1-page cover letter stating your interest for complex systems and the summer school in a single PDF document. Give the document your own name (name.pdf).
  2. fill out the APPLICATION FORM and follow the form instructions to upload these documents.

Registration steps:
From the first announcement day until the registration deadline (May 17th), each application will be studied as soon as we receive it. If the applicant is selected, a registration confirmation will be quickly sent. We expect each selected applicant to confirm its registration in the week after reception of our email - and to pay the school fees when the dedicated web site will be open (April).

Why these rules? Because the school is organized for 25 people only, due to the importance of group projects during this summer school (50% of the total time). Moreover, the sooner you are confirmed, the sooner you can book your flight tickets!

Overview of important dates:
  • Application deadline: May 17th
  • Notification of acceptance of applications: after reception of each application (first arrived, first served)
  • Payment website opening: April


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